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What is Supercharged Sculpt: A brand NEW online programme designed specifically with mums in mind.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a lasting change to your health and well-being. Perhaps you’re looking for an escape from the treadmill of overindulgence and abstinence. The continual guilt on a Monday morning, when yet again you resolve to exercise and eat well, but as always life gets in the way and your well-being is once again thrust to the bottom of the to-do list. If this sounds familiar, then Supercharged Sculpt is the programme for you.

Supercharged Sculpt helps you find the time, the motivation and delivers the results you desire. Emma and your online community of Women all support and encourage each other to fit in just 15 mins exercise 4 x a week to help SCULPT those curves.

What is Supercharged Sculpt:

This is for the busy woman out there that keep searching for that perfect workout class yet never seem to make it out of the door!  It’s for the busy mom that is desperately trying to fit in exercise time yet lacks childcare and cash flow and is time-poor.

It’s for the woman that would love a quick workout before starting their day. Or for the mom that returns form the school run with 15 mins spare before they take the toddler to playgroup or sit at their desk working.  It’s for the woman that really wants to get fit and

fabulous yet just can’t seem to find the time. The woman that starts off the week each week convinced that this week will be the week that she attends 4 x gym classes and gets her money’s worth only to finish each day exhausted and lacking in motivation.

Why is this different to watching a YouTube channel or downloading an App I hear you say!  It’s different because of the real-life connection you receive from Emma and her team. It’s different because you won’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect workout.  When no ones watching you it can be easy to throw in the towel, but with every LIVE SCULPT workout, you will see the comments from other busy ladies finding the time to fit it in…and that right there will be your motivation.  Plus you only need to find 15 mins! Say goodbye to long exhausting workouts.

SCULPT will help kickstart a new healthier way of living and with monthly bonus content covering the pelvic floor, diastasis recti, c -section recovery, mummy burnout, period power and much much more you will feel Supercharged and Sculpted in no time.  The weight loss will be a by-product of the additional self-care and love you will be giving your body. You will start to move better, become fitter and eat for your health.

What’s included?

For membership of just £25 a month. You will receive access via a closed Facebook group to a thriving community of woman – your new cheerleaders in your goal to get fit and sculpted.

Each week you will receive 4 x 15-minute workouts.  The schedule will be given in advance. Times will vary but will include weekend, early morning, after kids bedtime and after school run drop-off workouts.

The workouts will include a mix of Pilates, Ballet, Core, Pelvic floor, mobility flow, bodyweight resistance and strength training. The exercises have all been put together by Women’s health fitness coach Emma who believes that as Woman we deserve a woman’s customised workouts designed specifically to sculpt the women female body.  Its time to STOP quick short term fat loss goals, instead you deserve the opportunity to work with your body and strengthen it without feeling exhausted. Woman and men are different we deserve workouts designed around our bodies natural rhythms and cycles and that’s exactly why not every workout is a “feel the burn” type workout.  That’s why the workouts are short. That’s why Emma includes Pilates and Pelvic floor and mobility and stretching moves in her daily routines. Emma gets the whole body stronger and when you feel good about yourself you start to take better care of your body and mind.

You will also receive monthly bonus workouts including Foam Rollering and Mobility programmes to help you feel utterly divine in your amazing body.

Plus, Monthly bonus content covering topics such as Nutrition, self-sabotage, How to live a happier life,  Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor, C-Section, Periods and Peri-menopause. – to name just a few topics.

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I want to get started…what do I NEED TO DO?

Pay for your first month’s membership on or before the 13th. Once paid, request to join the Facebook group. You will receive this private link in your confirmation email.

Each month you will be billed just £25 for the 4 x workouts, Facebook community and monthly content

All the exercises can be done without any equipment.  Emma does suggest resistance bands and hand-held weights, but none of this is necessary to get you started.  The resistance bands are a few pounds each and links to some great value and good quality bands will be shared on the group.

Once in the group check out the workout timetable and grab your diary and schedule in the ones you can do live.  If there are any you can’t get to do live don’t panic…they are recorded. Feel free to post in the group at any time to make yourself accountable for doing the workouts.  Emma will also encourage you to Buddy up to help you make sure you stick to your chosen times. Emma’s moto…if it’s not in your diary then it doesn’t get done!


What if the exercises are too hard and you can’t keep up?

Don’t worry. Emma offers modifications for all different fitness levels

I have an injury, can I still do the exercises?

Please make sure you have spoken to your doctor or physio, Emma offers modifications but accepts no liability for any injury.

I have just had a baby is it too soon to join the programme?

Please make sure you have had your all-clear from your GP/Midwife.  Emma also suggests seeing a women’s health physio before exercising. Emma is a postnatal exercise specialist and is trained in Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor and returning to exercise after a baby.  This programme offers modifications for all levels of fitness and will build overall body strength and fitness levels however it isn’t a Diastasis or pelvic floor specific programme. Emma offers face to face Level 1 strength courses in Brighton Uk.

How long is my membership?

When you sign up, you are signing up for 6 months.  Each month the small cost of just £25 is taken from the account you registered with.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time after the 6 month period.  You must send Emma an email with a month’s notice.

6 months is a long commitment, what if I join and I don’t think the group is for me?

Emma offers a 7-day refund from the date of joining the Facebook group.

What results will I get?

If you exercise 4 x a week you will feel stronger, leaner, more energised and SCULPTED.

Do you guarantee weight loss?

Emma offers bonus content that covers nutrition as well as other online courses or 121 weight loss coaching.  If you eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise 4 x a week you will shape up. This isn’t a group where the scales are encouraged, neither is it a group where we talk about the loses and syns!!!  This group is all about the gainz. Gaining energy, gaining strength, gaining toned curves and a leaner body.


About Supercharged Club:

At Supercharged Club we believe that every one of us has the strength within us to supercharge our lives, working towards being the best version of ourselves. We don’t believe in diets and we will certainly not be asking you to count calories, rather treating your body with the respect it deserves. Supercharged Sculpt is an education in self-care; helping busy, burnt out mums to prioritise themselves and their health with some pretty spectacular results.

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How do I book?

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