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Congratulations on taking the first step towards a lasting change to your health and well-being. Perhaps you’re looking for an escape from the treadmill of overindulgence and abstinence. The continual guilt on a Monday morning, when yet again you resolve to exercise and eat well, but as always life gets in the way and your well-being is once again thrust to the bottom of the to-do list. If this sounds familiar, then Supercharged Sculpt is the programme for you. Emma’s step by step weekly plan helps you do the life laundry, so not only are you exercising and eating better, but you are also dedicating a whole lot more time to YOU. Supercharged Sculpt helps you find the time, the motivation and delivers the results you desire. It’s like having Emma as your personal pocket cheerleader!

What is Supercharged Sculpt:

-A brand NEW online programme designed specifically with mums in mind.
-A 12-week course including live exercise classes, nutrition advice, motivation and accountability from a group of like-minded women.
-An education in self-care; helping busy, burnt out mums to prioritise themselves and their health, with some pretty spectacular results.

Who is the programme for?

Mums who want to feel stronger (both physically & mentally), more toned, energised and ready to take on the world (or the kids next tantrum!)
This programme was NOT written for very new mums, but more for mums of slightly older children, who are ready to focus on their personal needs. Perhaps you are heading towards perimenopause or menopause and want to reduce fat, boost metabolism and age in health.

What results can I expect?

– The photos below show the results from women who undertook the original Supercharged Missions. These results, which speak for themselves were achieved in just 6 weeks of implementing gradual, sustainable changes to form new, healthy habits. Imagine what you could achieve in 12 weeks!

What’s included?

-The course will be run via a closed Facebook group where Emma will guide you through each week, gradually raising the intensity as the weeks progress.
-Weeks 1 & 2 will include 2 x short workouts (approx 10-15 mins), raising to 4 x short live workouts from weeks 3-8. The live workout times will vary from early morning, that can be done before work/school run, a weekend session and an evening session, so something to suit everybody. Hosting live workouts means you’re never alone. You’ll be more likely to stick to the plan if everyone’s in it together. The reason Supercharged works is because you have like-minded mums cheering you on to do it. Don’t worry if you do miss one, they’ll be available in the group to watch and complete later. A full schedule of live workouts will be included in the accompanying workbook so you’ll be able to plan ahead.
-From weeks 9-12 we will cease the live workouts so that you can focus on developing your own exercise habits. Once the programme finishes, you will no longer have Emma to motivate and support you daily, so it’s important to get used to finding your own motivation as well as the exercise that YOU love to do. You will of course still have access to the previous classes and bonus exercise video’s in the group.pink resistance band
-Nutritional advice starting with breakfast and progressing through the weeks to ensure your meals and snacks are supercharged.
-Motivational coaching from hypnotherapist and transformation coach Sarah Wall
-A course workbook delivered to your door that you can write in and keep forever, no more printing required! The workbook includes a week by week course breakdown, timetables, motivational cues and meal suggestions with options for all meals and snacks, recipes and more.
-A set of resistance bands to support the workouts and other equipment is provided with your welcome pack.
-An amazing support network of like-minded women to motivate you and provide accountability for the duration of the course.
-Bonus exercise video’s which can be done in addition to the live workouts, to take your results to the next level.

What do I need?

Initially just yourself. A yoga mat may be a good idea depending on the surface where you are working out. The course includes a set of resistance bands to support the workouts, however as the weeks progress you may find you want to up the intensity and add weights. Emma would suggest a set of 3k or 4k hand weights depending on your initial fitness level. Additional items you may wish to incorporate include a foam roller and a fitness circle. Most fitness equipment can be picked up inexpensively at places like TK Maxx, second-hand shops and Gumtree.


How much does it cost?

Are your well-being and vitality worth the equivalent of your daily coffee? We are currently revising our payment plan. Please use the contact form to inquire within.

Share the wealth

Clients who introduce their friends, colleagues and school mums will receive cash back to say thank you. What are you waiting for…tell your friends, they’ll love you for it!

About Supercharged Club:

At Supercharged Club we believe that every one of us has the strength within us to supercharge our lives, working towards being the best version of ourselves. We don’t believe in diets and we will certainly not be asking you to count calories, rather treating your body with the respect it deserves. Supercharged Sculpt is an education in self-care; helping busy, burnt out mums to prioritise themselves and their health with some pretty spectacular results.

How do I book?

We are currently underway with our September programme. We start back on Monday 20th January 2020!





If you have any questions at all about SCULPT, please use our contact form below.