Mind Power

Feel like you’ve had enough of trying to change unhealthy habits on your own?
Do you have 50 recipe/self-help books but they’re gathering dust on the shelves?
Does every Monday bring another ‘new start’ only to fall flat on it’s face by Wednesday?
Well it’s a universal problem.
The thing is we are all full of good intentions. But modern life is demanding and bloody exhausting. We’re constantly exposed to people who look thinner, prettier and more successful. It’s easy to lose focus on who we are and what we want out of life.  And sometimes it’s easy to feel deflated, demotivated and quite frankly a bit crap.

Body Power

The Supercharged Club is different since we put as much emphasis on our mental wellbeing as we do our physical well being.
Yes we want you to feel good in your clothes. Yes, we want you to achieve your goals but the difference is…we want you to do it and KEEP TO IT. We want the change to be sustainable
Tired of diets? Want to feel better and have more energy? Are you exercising and not getting any results? Do you want to finally realise your goals and move on with life? We can help and support ALL of this and so much more.
Pour yourself a cup of tea, take a deep breath and click here…to find out more about the brilliant Supercharged Power Duo.

Get The Power

‘But it’s hard work,’ you say, ‘And I have no time to do anything, let alone change my life!’
We hear you. And that’s why we’ve made ALL of our services and programmes so user-friendly. A lot of our delivery is online, can be done to your schedule and so fits around work and home life anywhere in the world. We know you’re suffering from information overload. So are we! That is why everything we do is simple, easy to understand and most importantly easy and quick to implement.
And throughout your adventure you are not alone. Wether its a one hour webinar or our life changing 6 week Mission you’ll be part of your own community (plus us of course) to cheer you on (we may shout now and then but that’s just because we care so much).

Mary Meadows

Qualified Performance Coach & NLP Practitioner
Emma Fullwood Supercharged club -Qualified Stott Pilates Ante & Post Natal Fitness Expert

Emma Fullwood

Qualified Stott Pilates - Ante & Post Natal Fitness Expert

Powerful Testimonials

If you’re thinking about joining, I can’t recommend it highly enough (only 5 stars?! let me give them 50!). It’s a process. A journey. A group of women you will be thankful to meet in just a few weeks from when you begin. And believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

— Patti

It’s a whole process of getting to know what your body needs, an education in nutrition and an amazing group of women sharing their journey towards taking control of their bodies.

— Emma W

Emma and Mary are two lovely ladies with an inspiring and motivating passion for helping mums to become the best version of themselves. With Emma’s dedication to fitness and healthy eating and Mary’s ability to change your perspective and relationship on food and exercise through effective life coaching, I’m confident any mum who joins the Supercharged Club can succeed.


Powerful Words

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