Mind Power

‘Know Thyself’ this is where the magic happens! Week by week, guiding you through life-editing, goals, beliefs, habits and choices. Boundaries and our mindset is how we build self-esteem, persistence, resilience. These skills are not just for our wellbeing, but for life. Most of us know what we need to do in order to make a change, it’s the HOW and the ACTION where we get stuck.

Body Power

The thing is we are all full of good intentions, but modern life is demanding and bloody exhausting. We’re constantly exposed to people who look thinner, prettier and more successful. It’s easy to lose focus on who we are and what we want out of life.  Sometimes it’s easy to feel deflated, demotivated and quite frankly a bit crap. Changes in the food you eat will help you beat the bloat, reduce body fat, and get you more energised with NO restriction, no rules, no diets here! Finally understand how and why we exercise, to improve our mobility, flexibility and age in health. As we age our bodies needs change, learn how to adapt your current exercise regime (or maybe there is none?) to age in health with Emma our resident Ante/Post Natal Fitness Coach.

Get The Power

Sign up here our enrolment period is open for 10 days prior to the start of each mission. During the 6 weeks you will need 15 minutes per day to engage with the programme. Each week we tackle the shit out of different parts of the day. For example,  Week 1 is all about your mornings, attitude when you wake, your movement, and how you nourish your body for the day ahead. We then progress taking you through the whole day, building to a SUPERCHARGED LIFE.

Mary Meadows

Qualified Performance Coach & NLP Practitioner
Emma Fullwood Supercharged club -Qualified Stott Pilates Ante & Post Natal Fitness Expert

Emma Fullwood

Qualified Stott Pilates - Ante & Post Natal Fitness Expert

Powerful Testimonials

If you’re thinking about joining, I can’t recommend it highly enough (only 5 stars?! let me give them 50!). It’s a process. A journey. A group of women you will be thankful to meet in just a few weeks from when you begin. And believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

— Patti

It’s a whole process of getting to know what your body needs, an education in nutrition and an amazing group of women sharing their journey towards taking control of their bodies.

— Emma W

Emma and Mary are two lovely ladies with an inspiring and motivating passion for helping mums to become the best version of themselves. With Emma’s dedication to fitness and healthy eating and Mary’s ability to change your perspective and relationship on food and exercise through effective life coaching, I’m confident any mum who joins the Supercharged Club can succeed.


Powerful Words

The Supercharged Club Online Course for Fitness & Self Care. What are you waiting for? Instead of thinking 'Good things come to those who wait'. Turn it around & think 'Good things happen to those that DON'T wait!'

What Are You Waiting For?

We spend a LOT of our time waiting. Waiting for the kids to go back to school, or start school. Waiting till payday, or till Friday, waiting till after the weekend, waiting till I’ve lost half a stone, waiting till the baby sleeps through the night, waiting till after Christmas…HOLD UP…wait a minute (pun intended!) If […]

How To Live Your Best Life Webinar

“Get Your Body Back After Birth!”

We see this headline a lot don’t we? “Get your body back after baby” exercise classes are popping up everywhere and Emma (resident fitness coach at The Supercharged Club 6 week online missions) knows only too well how much she resented her changed body after pregnancy. Emma always had body image issues and found the extra […]

Your Muscles Are Not Working

Your Muscles Are Not Working As They Should But Here Is How To Fix Them

Exercise! Where to start? If you can squat then you are activating your glutes…right? Wrong! If you sit down a lot with incorrect posture, maybe slumped feeding the baby, or watching T.V or on our phone (pretty much the majority of us) then your muscles aren’t working as they should. This means when we go […]

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