The Supercharged Club Online Course for Fitness & Self Care. What are you waiting for? Instead of thinking 'Good things come to those who wait'. Turn it around & think 'Good things happen to those that DON'T wait!'

What Are You Waiting For?

We spend a LOT of our time waiting. Waiting for the kids to go back to school, or start school. Waiting till payday, or till Friday, waiting till after the weekend, waiting till I’ve lost half a stone, waiting till the baby sleeps through the night, waiting till after Christmas…HOLD UP…wait a minute (pun intended!) If […]

Your Muscles Are Not Working

Your Muscles Are Not Working As They Should But Here Is How To Fix Them

Exercise! Where to start? If you can squat then you are activating your glutes…right? Wrong! If you sit down a lot with incorrect posture, maybe slumped feeding the baby, or watching T.V or on our phone (pretty much the majority of us) then your muscles aren’t working as they should. This means when we go […]

Breathing and grounding techniques from the Supercharged Club to help coach you into staying positive and keep the anxiety away.

Hot, Sweaty And In A State…

Hot, sweaty and in a state… Hands up who’s been there? That feeling of panic, rising from your belly, you forget to breathe, your hands are sweaty, your mind feels void, you can’t get your thoughts straight, your heart is racing…I hear you! This is an everyday occurrence for me, and it’s not just one […]