Our experience 

Led by Emma Fullwood, a qualified antenatal and postnatal fitness expert, Supercharged Club is a collective of mums that strive to become better versions of themselves through fitness and healthy nutrition. With 4 years of experience as a postnatal expert and 23 years of experience in the fitness industry, Emma has created antenatal and postnatal courses that empower mums to reach their goals.

Often a little helpful motivation and some tips along the way are all we need to help us become healthier, fitter and more body-confident.  It’s not about not liking your changed postnatal body, but more about embracing it and loving your body enough to take better care of yourself.  We share advice and motivate each other, and we have made many new friends by talking about how we have achieved our goals, or are striving towards them.

Emma is qualified in:

  • Antenatal and postnatal Pilates
  • Stott Pilates
  • Pilates for scoliosis, osteoporosis and breast cancer
  • Advanced CPD in modern postnatal exercise from Burrell Education
  • MUTU Pro
  • Metabolic effect nutrition

Emma has had her own experience with pregnancy and motherhood and how she focused on recovery and rehabilitation to heal her diastatis recti, posture, strength and overall wellbeing with the help of postnatal-focused fitness and nutrition.



Emma's commitment to Brighton & Hove mums

Emma sees women who were just like her all the time.  Ignoring the leaks, the diastasis recti and the back pain, in a bid to ‘bounce back’, what they are actually doing is making their recovery take longer.  Today Emma is committed to getting every mum in Brighton and Hove to understand that our bodies need some serious TLC after birth, to debunk the myth that postnatal exercise is just about Kegels.

Emma helps pregnant women to train their muscles to get ready for the hard work that being a new mum entails, and to understand the importance of looking holistically at the body in order to repair, reconnect and strengthen.  The courses designed by Emma for Supercharged Club are evidence-based and emphasize long-term healing. They provide the optimal exercise structure to tone, repair and reconnect even the floppiest of cores.

Supercharged Club was originally started by mums who were on a mission to remove the barriers that society and our own minds give us when it comes to healthy eating and fitness. They noticed that many diet, exercise and life coaching programmes are complex, hard-to-follow and time-consuming. They wanted to avoid these mistakes and provide a unique offering – so they started Supercharged Club. Now is your chance to become a stronger mum!

Pregnancy is temporary but living with a postpartum body is for life.