What we offer

The reason so many women fall of the wagon when it comes to mental and physical well being is that they try to change everything at the same time. They fall into a trap of binge/purge/binge and it isn’t sustainable. Radical, overnight change rarely works because the ASK is just too damn big.

We know this because we’ve done it too.

What we teach is a programme of ‘living consciously’. This is all about making choices and thinking about why you’re doing the things you do. Do you force a chocolate bar down your neck at 3pm because you’re knackered and dreading the tea time mayhem? Do you know that you’re likely to make a hundred excuses for exercising (like you’d rather clear out the sock drawer instead)? Well then we need to work on that. Slowly but surely it will become easier to make the right choices at the right time.

THE SUPERCHARGED MISSION believes in change one step at a time. Did you ever hear the phrase - ‘Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey?’ – well yes it’s just like that. If you change one small habit and routine and break each goal into manageable, bite-sized steps, you’re more likely to succeed. We don’t believe in GOOD or BAD. We believe in being mindful of what you’re doing so it’s a choice rather than pure habit.


    • A weekly plan that focuses on your emotional and physical well being (because you can’t tackle one without the other). No diet sheets but there are some suggestions of healthy choices to keep you inspired.
    • Quick, fun videos that focus on good nutrition, exercise and upping that emotional feel good.
    • Exercises that focus on poor posture and all those everyday fails that leave you feeling like a wrung out flannel.

And like we said, we focus on ONE THING AT A TIME. We don’t want you to fall off the wagon again. We want the change to STICK.

We want you to be BADASS FOREVER.

This is about sustainable life changing stuff so you can chuck out those diet books and start living a happier, healthier life.  


 Supercharged Club – Events

#mamametime we all need a break every now and then, and these events are an opportunity for you to meet new mums, socialise, have a giggle, and learn some great tips and tricks from expert speakers chosen by Mums for Mums. All events raise money for the Brighton Women’s Centre, a self-indulgent 2 hours JUST FOR YOU!

If you are interested in show casing your business at the next event please get in touch here with us at chat@superchargedclub.co.uk

Supercharged Club – Public Speaking

Emma and Mary are passionate about promoting a healthy mind and positive body image, particularly to the next generation. If you would like us to speak at a school or college about what we do and how we do it, sharing our expertise, experience and knowledge please contact us at chat@superchargedclub.co.uk