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Pregnant? Come join the Supercharged Pregnancy Strength class!

In an ideal world, pregnant ladies would stretch, rest and strengthen their bodies ready for beyond the birth.  With so much focus on birthing the baby, little focus is put on how to make your body stronger and flexible during the pregnancy. This helps your body to recover from the pregnancy and birth with greater […]

Supercharged fitness classes

Are you ready for a full body MOT?

Join Emma, the expert in women’s fitness, for an exclusive 121 session. When did you last give your body some real thought? Are you going from gym class to gym class but not seeing results? Do you keep stopping and starting and can’t find consistency in your workouts or eating plan? Does life keep getting […]

Tips to get you staying fit and healthy during summer holiday

Your guide to staying Supercharged on your summer holiday

Are you bothered if you come back from your trip carrying a pizza belly? Does it matter? Only you can answer these questions and everyone is entitled to choose what they want. Often times, we blame a weeks holiday on our bloating, yet in reality, it’s more than a week away that caused it! Often it […]

Brighton postnatal advanced strength training HOVE

We Focus On Strength Training In Our Level 2 Course

Our Level 2 Course is suitable for postnatal mums who have successfully completed Level 1, this 6-week course is the advanced course with a focus on strength training. We will continue with the pelvic floor health, breath coordination and functional movement from Level 1 and introduce more advanced exercises and heavier weights. You are required […]

Hove - Brighton - ehabilitating the body after birth and beyond the 4th trimester. Educating mums about their body.

What You Can Expect In Our Level 1 Course

The Supercharged Level 1 Course teaches the fundamentals of pelvic floor health, breath coordination, and safe exercises for diastasis recti. It incorporates functional movement, glute training, strength training and prepares you for Level 2 Post-natal fitness. Suitable for the postnatal mum from 6 weeks onwards. This 6-week introductory course targets a return to fitness after having […]

Join us for our Saturday drop in postnatal fitness class. Emma's unique style of teaching combines pilates, resistance training, functional movement, alignment and an education in how your body works. Emma is renowned for getting the floppiest core and pelvic floor in working order again.

Our Saturday Drop In Classes Are for All Fitness Levels

Did you know that the Supercharged Club offers Saturday Drop-In Classes for all fitness levels AND that babies are welcome? All mums will benefit from this unique drop in class. Whether you are 6 weeks postnatal or have been mum a lot longer you will benefit from Emma’s expertise in exercise for the female body. […]

Your Muscles Are Not Working

Your Muscles Are Not Working As They Should But Here Is How To Fix Them

Exercise! Where to start? If you can squat then you are activating your glutes…right? Wrong! If you sit down a lot with incorrect posture, maybe slumped feeding the baby, or watching T.V or on our phone (pretty much the majority of us) then your muscles aren’t working as they should. This means when we go […]

Why is remaining agile in life important? If you struggle with getting up from standing now then you are sure going to have difficulty in the future. Learn some tips on how to strengthen your body.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Body Agile

When we think of exercise we often think of the gym or running. More often or not, it’s our fitness levels we are trying to improve and things like mobility and functional movement gets a little lost. It is important to stay agile. We may stretch after our intense workout but unless we are a […]

The truth about your pelvic floor & how to age yours gracefully

When we see signs of aging, it’s usually on our face in our 30s and we often research the best luxurious face cream to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our bones and our muscles are also aging at a rapid pace. Yet we don’t tend to think of our bones aging process […]

All mothers needs to move their postnatal body in a way that activates the pelvic floor, connects with the core and strengthens the glutes.

Why postnatal exercise is so important for your body

Any Mum needs to move their postnatal body in a way that activates the pelvic floor. For every mum, whether you had a baby 6 weeks, 6 months or 16 years ago, it’s vital that you connect with the core and strengthens the glutes. There is a trend to get back straight into fitness after […]