Programmes & Classes

We offer antenatal and postnatal fitness and nutrition programmes to help you reach your goals. Our programmes are holistic and tailored for women at different stages of motherhood to make sure your body is strong and ready, before advancing to higher level courses.

  • Supercharged Sculpt Online Course Are you looking to completely upgrade your life? Perhaps you're feeling stuck in the skin you’re in? Every Monday you resolve to exercise and eat well after a weekend of indulgence, but life gets in the way, and your health and well-being remains at the bottom of the never-ending to-do list. You’re unable to make the changes to your health and body that you desire because you are always prioritising other people and you can’t find the motivation or time for anything else. 

    As a working mum myself, I get it. I too was the same, until I started implementing gradual, sustainable changes to form new, healthy habits that made my body and mind feel strong and revitalised. My new 12-week online programme, Supercharged Sculpt is all about YOU…Self-care is most definitely not selfish - you’ll have more energy, better sleep, balanced hormones and we can all see how that will benefit us, as well as those around us.

    You will also benefit from a more supple, stronger body and sculpted curves; which woman doesn’t want that! I can’t promise it won’t be challenging at times, but if you follow my advice, I can guarantee you results. If you’ve ever wished for a personal trainer and nutritional advice at your fingertips, as well as a group of women to support you and keep you motivated, then this is the course for you. Don’t wish for it - Go get it!

    Spaces are limited, for more information CLICK HERE 

  • Supercharged Pregnancy Strength  In an ideal world, pregnant ladies would stretch, rest and strengthen their bodies ready for beyond the birth.  With so much focus on birthing the baby, little focus is put on how to make your body stronger and flexible during the pregnancy. This helps your body to recover from pregnancy and birth with greater ease.  By educating your body on better rest, better movement and strengthening the whole body - you will feel fitter and more energised and ready to take on the task of caring for your newborn baby.  Lifting, carrying, pushing, rocking those babies takes energy and strength, so let's get you Supercharged now and for the postnatal period so that you recover quicker. SIGN UP HERE 6-week course, pick your dates. Drop in available  
  • Supercharged New Mum Recovery Pregnancy and birth are major and what happens beyond the pregnancy and into the recovery period is vital.  We are only pregnant for 9 months yet the changes in our bodies can take up to 2 years to recover.  Let's not be down about this!  With the right education, your body can move forward.  We have heard of the saying "bounce back after pregnancy"  but why on earth would you want to "bounce back" ?? How about we move forward instead!  The Supercharged Club New Mum Recovery is suitable if you are a first-time mum or you have birthed before.  This 121 session is done in the comfort of your home with or without a baby present.  Emma teaches you basic posture, pelvic floor and core connection to help your body rehabilitate back to strength quicker and with ease.  Expect to feel lengthened, mobilised, relaxed and fantastic (and all without needing to step outside)!  Pyjamas welcome! Please note there is a waiting list for home visits so please book early.  Brighton and surrounding area only.  Please use our contact form to book
  • Postnatal fitness - Level 1 STRENGTH Course.  This is the Supercharged Club foundation course and the starting point to a more functional stronger body. A fundamental course to return to fitness after having a baby. Suitable for postnatal mums with babies aged 6 weeks to 1 year or if you have older children but haven't properly reconnected and healed. SIGN UP HERE 6-week course. 
  • Postnatal fitness - Level 2 POWER Course. This course is the second part of the Supercharged family and should only be taken after completing Level 1 STRENGTH. Advanced small group personal training. Suitable for postnatal mums who have successfully advanced through the fundamentals and required strength training taught in Level 1. SIGN UP HERE 6-week course.
  • Private 1:1 fitness & wellness personal training Please use our contact form to book
  • Advanced Small Group Training - This is by appointment only for advanced mums. If you wish to join this class please email.

To create your account and save your space for the next Course, please visit our booking system at Teamup. 

Here's what you get

Our programmes include:

  • A weekly plan that focuses on your emotional and physical wellbeing (because you can’t tackle one without the other)
  • Suggestions for healthy food choices to keep you inspired
  • Quick, fun videos that focus on good nutrition, exercise and upping that emotional feel good
  • Exercises that focus on poor posture and all those every day fails that leave you feeling like a wrung-out flannel

Upcoming programmes

Our new programmes for antenatal and postnatal mums will take place in Hove and vary in time, level and with or without babies in attendance to provide a programme that's right for you.

All classes during the week take place at a small studio located at 131a Stockwell Lodge, Conway Street, Hove BN3 3LW. Our Saturday class takes place at The Honeycroft training rooms, St Barnabas Hall, Sackville Road, Hove BN3 3WF.

If you aren’t sure which course is for you, please email Emma for a free 10-minute consultation at

To create your account and save your space for the next Course, please visit our booking system at Teamup. 

How to book

The calendar below includes our programmes with open availability. You will need to register an account at TeamUp to book onto a course. If you have any issues, please email Emma directly at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

To create your account and save your space for the next Course, please visit our booking system at Teamup.