The Exhausted Woman’s Guide To Exercise


Sign up to this The Exhausted Woman’s Guide To Exercise Webinar by The Supercharged Club’s Emma Fullwood. Learn how to make sure your exercise works for you.

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If you had a chance to read Emma’s last blog post published the other week you may have an idea of what this online webinar is about. Emma’s webinar is for the over 30s women that either exercises religiously or never exercises and and breaks out in a sweat at the thought of it!

In this workshop, she educates in not only where to start but also where you may be going wrong with your current exercise regime and how to make simple effective changes to get results.

It will inspire you to start focusing on your body’s well being and give you valuable information about the female body and how as we age we need to start taking more care of our bodies so that we age in health. We want to function without back and knee pain and run, jump and lift with ease as we age.

  • Learn more about the female body and exercise for fat loss
  • Learn how to change up your current exercise regime to get results
  • How to think outside the box and get your body moving and functioning better to help prevent back pain, knee pain and keep you flexible as you age

This workshop was originally recorded on Friday 11th of August. Upon payment you will receive a PDF breakdown of the workshop as well as the link to where you can watch the video. The link you receive is of a previously recorded webinar however you will have the options to leave comments if you have any questions on the Supercharged page and have them answered in a timely manner.

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