4 Steps To Your Best Summer


Sign up to this 4 Steps To Your Best Summer Webinar with Mary Meadows and Jessica Rogers. You will experience a simple, practical, and revealing tool for use in any area of your life.

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 Jessica Rogers (Certified Co-active Coach) and Mary Meadows (Qualified Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner) will be leading you in an hour all about YOU.

A complete toolbox of tricks and techniques to have your BEST SUMMER EVER!

By the end of the webinar you will –

  • Be super clear what you want and how to make it happen
  • Feel energised
  • Looking forward to the summer holidays
  • Feel ready and ok to put yourself first

That ‘cup’ that is so often down to the dregs…we show you how to refill it!

As parents we often put ourselves last, those weekends where we are running around, drop off to football, birthday parties, dancing etc, then on top of that we are expected to think about 6 whole weeks of summer holidays…

Bonus tips on SOCIAL SHARING – what you consume and what you put out there to truly have a #superchargedsummer

Life coaching works in a very practical way, giving YOU the power to move forward with intention, with that twinkle in your eye that ‘You’ve got this’

This workshop was originally recorded on Friday 14th of July. Upon payment you will receive our Supercharged Club Self Care Check-Up PDF as well as the link to where you can watch the video. The link you receive is of a previously recorded webinar however you will have the options to leave comments if you have any questions on the Supercharged page and have them answered in a timely manner.


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