Giving a little bit of a shit…

Life is hard, we are busy being busy, parenting, paying bills, looking after ourselves and those we love, nursery/school runs, cooking, cleaning, the list is endless!

But a big realisation I have recently had is about ‘giving a little bit of a shit’ every day, makes a MASSIVE difference to our happiness, to how we feel and how we act.


It started when I met Louise @thestylingstorey, click here for website and more detailsan amazing Mama to a beautiful little 8 month old, who is a very talented stylist and now a very good friend. Louise spent some time helping me with a vlogging project, based on the Kon-Mari Method of sorting, de-cluttering our belongings and I started with my clothes. (have a look at the vlogs here Click here to subscribe (it’s free!) It was a HUGE learning experience, of not only what suits me, and how I can be creative with my everyday style (YES I HAVE A STYLE!) but in learning how to ‘give a little bit of a shit’ with what I wear, and how it affects my day, every day. I can still wear my ‘daytime pyjamas’ i.e. comfy trousers, t-shirts etc which when you are scrabbling about on the floor looking for batman’s lego head is necessary. But its about how I accessorise the ‘daytime pyjama’ look, funky trainers, pops of colour in a scarf or bag, jewellery etc. But the big thing is DOING IT EVERY DAMN DAY! not just waiting till I am meeting friends, have an event planned, going ‘out out’, doing it and having fun with it EVERY DAY!

Photography by Brighton and London photographer Emma Gutteridge

Giving a little bit of a shit, is when you are running out the door, late, struggled to get everyone dressed in appropriate clothing (trying to convince a 4 year old, crocs are not a great idea in the rain) realising you haven’t brushed your hair or had a chance to put make up on……..thats the point where ‘giving a little bit of a shit’ about YOU, makes a difference, 30 seconds to swipe lipstick on, 30 seconds to brush your hair and pop a bit of mousse in……DONE. Its about getting out of the bath or shower and not just looking longingly at the body lotion thinking I will do it tomorrow when I have more time, DO IT NOW, give a little bit of a shit about the stuff that makes you feel good, and do it every damn day.

And there lies the lesson in life, the secret is not in the stuff that we do once in a while, its in the stuff that we do EVERY DAMN DAY. Thats what makes a good life, thats what makes a difference to how I feel, how I act, my depression and anxiety, how I parent, how I cope with curve-balls, how I get stuff done. Its about giving a little bit of a shit. Try it, you might surprise yourself.

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