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So, remember this is the easiest way to see sustainable change in your life and feel better in mind and body. 

And here’s a recap of the detail of what you’ll get when you sign up for the SUPERCHARGED MISSION: 

  • Support, feedback, FB lives and video tutorials through a secure, closed FB group 
  • All conversations and support offered is from Emma (Stott Pilates/Ante & Post Natal Fitness Instructor) and Mary (Qualified Performance & NLP Life Coach)
  • Tasks, Tips and Tools that are easy and super simple
  • Weekly email, PDFs, recipes, example adventures from our Supercharged Badasses
  • Building on your skills of movement, self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience
  • Moving your body in a way that supports your activity no matter age, size or fitness levels
  • Each week tackling one part of the day, slowly, slowly building up to a full Supercharged 24hours 

Supercharged Club host live videos in their facebook groups

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You’re only one click away from change and a new SUPERCHARGED BADASS LIFE (and you can finally chuck those diet and self-help books in the bin)….

You receive 6 weeks access to closed FB group, weekly emails with PDFs, weekly FB Lives education for MIND and BODY Power, over 15 instructional, educational videos by the experts Mary and Emma, a qualified Performance and NLP Life Coach and Women’s Fitness Coach in your pockets for 6 weeks for just £120. Just £2.86 per day…

Next mission starts January 2018 ! Enrolment starts for next mission at the end of December. Sign up here to grab your free foam roller guide in the meantime and be on our mailing list and be the first to know about all things Supercharged, including when enrolment period is open again. 

To book for the next mission, please purchase the course below by clicking on the images. You will be taken directly to TeamUp, which is the program we use to handle all our memberships. 



supercharged club


This is not a regime and once you graduate you can integrate your skills into everything you do!   

So come on, give THE SUPERCHARGED MISSION a whirl!