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The 6 Week Mission is your introduction to the Supercharged life. 
The Mission is your one way ticket to being the BEST version of YOU
How does it work?
= Conversations, support, FB lives and video content through a secure, closed FB group 
= All conversations and support offered is from the experts Emma and Mary in every mission
=Tasks, Tips and Tools that are easy and super simple posted twice a day throughout the mission.
= Weekly email, PDFs, recipes, example adventures from our Mission Graduates
= You will build on your skills of movement, self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience. 
= Moving your body in a way that supports your activity no matter age, size or fitness levels.
= Each week we tackle one part of the day, slowly, slowly building up to a full Supercharged 24hours
Take control - it is NOT a quick fix, this is about you making a lifestyle change and expertly educating your mind and body for a more positive and energised you.
The very best thing about The Mission is that you are surrounded by supportive women, showing empathy, support, inspiring and motivating each other. It's all ONLINE so you can be anywhere in the world!
If you are feeling inspired, and want us to support you in making changes and taking ACTION what's stopping you?


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Next mission starts on Monday May 8th

Come learn how to set goals that YOU strive towards and the importance of celebrating every tiny success.

To book for the next mission, please purchase the course below by clicking on the images. You will be taken directly to TeamUp, which is the program we use to handle all our memberships. 

Pay-in-full for the 6 Week Supercharged Mission


Payment Plan for the Supercharged Club 6 week Mission


YAY! We've put in a payment plan!

Secure your spot for only £25 

Then you will have 4 equal payment of £25.00 every week. 

The total price of this payment plan is £125