Antenatal fitness & nutrition

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I bet you’re feeling amazing right now, with that never-ending glow and happiness that all women have throughout their entire antenatal experience.

But that’s not the reality of pregnancy, is it? Many of us experience morning sickness or feel extremely lethargic as hormones pump through our body to our child. Our emotions are all over the place. And as the pregnancy advances, we have to pee all the time and can’t seem to find a good sleeping position. That, and our little one tends to have a dance party the minute our heads hit the pillow.

Our bodies go through severe change when we are pregnant. Our ligaments loosen, our blood flow increases and our bodies change shape in preparation for childbirth, breastfeeding and surviving sleepless nights.

What is antenatal fitness?

    Antenatal fitness is any exercise that is safe for pregnant women to participate in. At Supercharged Club we focus the antenatal courses on a functional fitness approach, tailored specifically for pregnant women to prepare mums for the hard works that caring for a child entails.

    Emma sees women just like her all the time.  Ignoring the leaks, the diastasis recti and the back pain, in a bid to ‘bounce back’, what they are actually doing is making their recovery take longer.  Today Emma is committed to getting every mum in Brighton and Hove to understand that our bodies need some serious TLC after birth, to debunk the myth that postnatal exercise is just about Kegels.

    Antenatal fitness and nutrition is not an obsession with getting your pre-pregnancy body back as soon as you give birth. It’s not about diets or weight loss plans. It’s about making sure that your body is relaxed and ready for childbirth while strengthening your pelvic floor and core stability for birth and beyond.

What is the best antenatal workout?

    The best antenatal workout is one that looks beyond the birth and concentrates on teaching you simple exercises to prepare you for life with your child. Lifting, pushing, carrying and rocking a baby will soon be your standard daily tasks and these require strength, movement and flexibility.

    We recommend exercises that show you how to lift the baby from the floor to standing, how to rock the baby with less back pain, how to push and carry the baby with good posture. And of course, the best workouts will teach you how to breathe for optimal pelvic floor connection.

    Did you know that a pram with a small child and shopping in it can weigh around 55 kg? The hills in Brighton are steep and running errands a few times a day is a workout in itself! That’s why antenatal mums don’t just need conventional postnatal exercise. Mums need strength-training exercises to prepare them for caring for their little ones.

    A stronger and fitter body will help you with those everyday tasks.

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