Get 21 days of instant results with my SCULPT INTENSE programme


Your fast track to fat loss programme for busy moms that struggle with consistency and motivation.

Are you unhappy in your body? Want to be free of that feeling? Would you like to feel empowered, strong and sexy?  What if you could?? What if it really wasn’t that hard?! Are you ready to unlock your true body potential and be that fit, sexy woman you so desire to be and are so worthy of feeling utterly incredible?

Would you love to know how to do it?

Do you…

Want quick RESULTS to boost your motivation and confidence?

Desire to LOSE stubborn belly FAT and TRANSFORM your body?

Need a QUICK FIX to feel confident in your clothes?

Want to look and feel AMAZING inside and out?

Want a programme designed for busy women by a woman that WILL get RESULTS!

Do you wish for a sexier, sculpted, fitter, healthier body? 

Are you…

A busy woman with little time?

Do you lack motivation?

Are you “good” for a few days then fall off the diet!

Are your old ways of fat loss not working for you?

Do you often say…

I can’t because….

No childcare

No money

No money

No willpower

No time???

If you are still reading this then obviously you are nodding your head and desperate to feel amazing, you want this, you want to feel strong, sexy, empowered and you will when your body feels amazing and sculpted.

What to expect: SCULPT INTENSE is a RESULTS driven 21-day programme made for you!! TORCH fat FAST! Feel confident and sexy in your sculpted curves. No gimmicks or false promises here, just real solutions to your nutrition and fitness regime that will accelerate your results leaving you looking slimmer and feeling more radiant.

  • Torch fat and embrace your new found confidence!
  • Lose the bloat and slim your tummy
  • Simple, results-driven food plans
  • Quick body blast workouts that can be done anywhere / anytime, just 15 mins a day!
  • Boost your energy levels and regulate your mood
  • Learn my tried and tested weight loss methods to achieve the body you deserve and desire
  • Motivation to continue your BODY SCULPTING journey should you wish

My FAST TRACK programme to reducing belly bloat will TRANSFORM you into that more sculpted woman, that oozes self-confidence and glows from the inside. Eliminating unwanted fat around the middle will give you that AGELESS BODY you so desire and are so worthy of achieving.


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – Here is the thing ladies…it’s not hard! Your beliefs may be holding you back!

It’s not hours in the gym, pounding the treadmill or eating nothing but salads and juice fasting that will get rid of the bloat. It’s time to rethink your preconceptions about diet and exercise and understand why old formulas are no longer working. The SCULPT INTENSE programme gives you back the power to take charge of your body destiny and provides real clarity around fitness and nutrition.

You already have all the recipe books, the fitness apps and motivational podcasts at your fingertips, yet why as a nation are we growing in waist size?

Here’s the thing…these programmes are overwhelming you with information; they are cheap or free and therefore hold little value to keep you committed and motivated. They are not RESULTS driven like SCULPT INTENSE. Of course, it won’t just be your belly that shapes up, your whole body will feel the effects of this whole body transformation programme. You CAN achieve the results you so deserve with my easy steps to follow that will catapult you at full speed to your desired goal!

Let’s face it, we are impatient, we want to see results in week 1 and we want the foods to be quick to prepare and eaten by the whole family. We simply don’t have the time for long recipes and hour-long gym workouts. This is why the SCULPT INTENSE programme offers you simple, results-driven food plans and quick 15-minute body blast exercise programmes that can be done anywhere, anytime.

This programme is designed specifically for women and if you’re anything like me then you crave to:

  • Boost your health and reduce the chance of stroke, diabetes, heart attacks and cancer. Reduce that dangerous belly fat and future proof YOUR health.
  • Lose weight and inches fast – reduce the bloat and glow with health and vitality
  • Become more radiant, confident, sexy and determined – Knowing your worth and taking control brings power in every aspect of your life.
  • Live in the body you deserve and awaken a desire for more. Live more, be more active, have more!
  • Feel energised, fulfilled and empowered – stop letting your weight or body image stopping you from achieving your dreams
  • Awaken that sexy, powerful healthier body that’s within you and dying to get out




How will I receive the workouts?

You will workout with ME live 4x a week at 6 am.  Don’t worry if you can’t do live as I will encourage you to complete it at some point in the day.  Those that get up a little earlier and move their bodies really do feel amazing and ready for the day!

Do you get to keep the exercise content?

Yes, you get to keep them for LIFE! You save them in your Facebook account.  You will receive over 12 exercise routines, that can be done anywhere.

What is the exercise content?

The 4 x lives a day vary, blasting the arms, back, shoulders, bum and legs.  Some will be more strength training, others will be more Pilates based or cardio. As well as the 4x lives you will also receive 2 x videos to help you with mobility and flexibility, these you do on the days you aren’t training in the morning or you can add them to your daily routine.

Will 15 mins workouts daily really get me results?

YES YES long as your food is on plan.  If you want to do more you can! However, 15 mins really will kick start your body into fat loss mode.  Over-exercising isn’t good for a burnt out mamma!

I currently go to the gym/classes do I do those as well?

This is totally up to you, as long as you aren’t burnt out and have time to eat and rest then please continue to do your other classes.

Do I need any equipment?

We use mainly body weight, however, if you have weights already you can easily add them into the workouts for extra gainz 💪 💪 💪

I do request that you purchase some resistance bands. Thes are the ones that I use, however, feel free to purchase from elsewhere.

I use these extra strong blue bands £1.49

Pack of 3 bands perfect for different resistance £6.99  

I am currently injured and can’t move much, can I still join?

Absolutely, you will gain so much from being consistent with your foods!  It really is 99% foods, rest and mobility. The mobility exercises may also help you with your recovery.

Will the foods fit around my family life?

Absolutely, we all need to make time to eat!  The evening meals are family favourites that I have Supercharged up to make them even better.

What time will I have to eat?

This depends on your lifestyle!  However, I will encourage breakfast after the workout, a healthy lunch and dinner.  If possible eating no later than 7 pm each evening. I also encourage easy to grab snacks to help eliminate cravings.

I have a sweet tooth I am worried I will binge eat sugar!

Hey, hopefully by tasting foods and eating more foods you won’t feel hungry and the cravings won’t be as bad.  Cravings are just cravings and habits can easily be changed into healthy ones. Ditching the sugar will make your whole body respond quicker and you will feel amazing, the more you feel amazing the more you will thrive on eating healthier.  

Can you drink alcohol?

I will encourage to only drink a small amount each week, 21 days off booze will reduce facial lines and facial bloat as well as tummy bloat and will make you glow from within. 

I am going away/have an event during the 21 days, can I still follow the plan?

Absolutely! I will, of course, encourage you to not go totally off the plan as your results will be slightly affected.  You may even decide to go to an event and wake up hangover free! Most events have lots of healthy food choices and all restaurants accommodate for the Supercharged Club food plan. It’s ok to eat out during the programme.

I am worried the workouts will be too fast-paced.

Don’t worry they aren’t!  Plus modifications are always given

What results can I expect?

You will realise where you have been going wrong with your foods. 

You will learn how to move your body and to sculpt your curves. I will also show you how important mobility training is, especially as we age.

You will have an inner glow from within, you will feel less bloated and utterly fabulous!

I can’t promise weight loss as I am not a fan of the scales.  I can’t promise inches as it all depends on how your body responds to the programme and how much you stick to it! 

I can promise in WEEK 1, you will feel so much lighter and less bloated. 

WEEK 2 you will start to feel stronger in the exercises and at the end of WEEK 3 that glow from within will come.  I can promise you will understand where you are going wrong in your current healthy eating and fitness programme. I can promise a greater understanding and education in women’s health. I can promise you that I will get you edging towards that body you so deserve and desire FAST!

I am postnatal can I join?

No! This isn’t for moms with tiny babies. Please chat to me if you have a small baby and we can put a plan together. 

Can I do this breastfeeding?

Yes, although milk supply may be affected.  Rest assured though, you will be giving your body lots of healthy foods and moving well, I just can’t guarantee that supply won’t be affected.