Supercharged Pregnancy Strength - fitness classes in Brighton and Hove

Pregnant? Come join the Supercharged Pregnancy Strength class!

In an ideal world, pregnant ladies would stretch, rest and strengthen their bodies ready for beyond the birth.  With so much focus on birthing the baby, little focus is put on how to make your body stronger and flexible during the pregnancy. This helps your body to recover from the pregnancy and birth with greater ease.  By educating your body on better rest, better movement and strengthening the whole body – you will feel fitter and more energised and ready to take on the task of caring for your newborn baby.  Lifting, carrying, pushing, rocking those babies takes energy and strength, so let’s get you Supercharged now and for the postnatal period so that you recover quicker. SIGN UP HERE 6-week course, pick your dates. Drop in available 

The Supercharged Pregnancy Strength course is for those mums that want something additional to hypnobirthing or yoga. It’s totally safe for mums even if they haven’t done any strength training before. Most of the training is done using resistance bands and the training’s purpose is to help your core, pelvic floor, posture and strength during pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy changes the way we move and often after pregnancy, everyday tasks such as getting up from the floor can be a challenge. That’s often because the muscles in the glutes haven’t been strengthened whilst pregnant. Often through a fear of overstretching and having Reaxin in the body, the pregnant lady doesn’t mobilise her body enough. This then leads to tightness and pain in both pregnancy and the postnatal period. Getting your body fit to be a mum is vital.

Learn how to lift and carry the baby and car seat better, learn how to prepare your pelvic floor for birth and how to start rehabilitating the body after the birth.

Pregnancy strength gets your body fit for beyond the 3rd trimester. Supercharged Club Pregnancy Strength is the new school on fitness and well being for the pregnant lady.

Expect to make new friends along the way too!

SIGN UP HERE 6-week course, pick your dates. Drop in available 

1 x class £12 cash

6 classes book online via booking system £70, not a course you buy 6 and attend when can

If you currently lift weights in the gym then it’s vital you learn how to continue lifting by regressing the movements and making adaptions to your fitness programme. Please book a 121 if you want to learn more about heavy lifting during pregnancy.

Should you wish to trial a class please contact

The Honeycroft training rooms, St Barnabas Hall, Sackville Rd, Hove BN3 3WF
The best way is to Google Conway Place BN3 3LA. Where Conway Place comes to a dead end you will see some concrete stairs leading up to the centre, please go up there and press the buzzer to enter.

Please note: The centre isn’t fully open on Saturdays so access is via outside concrete stairs that are at the end of Conway Place, Hove.