Get 21 days of instant results with my SCULPT INTENSE programme

Introducing SCULPT INTENSE! Your fast track to fat loss programme for busy moms that struggle with consistency and motivation. Are you unhappy in your body? Want to be free of that feeling? Would you like to feel empowered, strong and sexy?  What if you could?? What if it really wasn’t that hard?! Are you ready […]

the best in fitness education for Women in Brighton.

The best in fitness education for Women in Brighton

I have worked super hard this year to bring you the best in fitness education for Women in Brighton. My courses and classes aren’t just your regular class, they are packed full of useful tips and each exercise gets adapted to help each client, after all, our bodies are different and not identical. Anyone can […]

Supercharged Pregnancy Strength - fitness classes in Brighton and Hove

Pregnant? Come join the Supercharged Pregnancy Strength class!

In an ideal world, pregnant ladies would stretch, rest and strengthen their bodies ready for beyond the birth.  With so much focus on birthing the baby, little focus is put on how to make your body stronger and flexible during the pregnancy. This helps your body to recover from the pregnancy and birth with greater […]

Brighton postnatal advanced strength training HOVE

We Focus On Strength Training In Our Level 2 Course

Our Level 2 Course is suitable for postnatal mums who have successfully completed Level 1, this 6-week course is the advanced course with a focus on strength training. We will continue with the pelvic floor health, breath coordination and functional movement from Level 1 and introduce more advanced exercises and heavier weights. You are required […]

Hove - Brighton - ehabilitating the body after birth and beyond the 4th trimester. Educating mums about their body.

What You Can Expect In Our Level 1 Course

The Supercharged Level 1 Course teaches the fundamentals of pelvic floor health, breath coordination, and safe exercises for diastasis recti. It incorporates functional movement, glute training, strength training and prepares you for Level 2 Post-natal fitness. Suitable for the postnatal mum from 6 weeks onwards. This 6-week introductory course targets a return to fitness after having […]