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“Get Your Body Back After Birth!”

We see this headline a lot don’t we? “Get your body back after baby” exercise classes are popping up everywhere and Emma (resident fitness coach at The Supercharged Club 6 week online missions) knows only too well how much she resented her changed body after pregnancy.

Emma always had body image issues and found the extra weight, saggy skin, stretch marks and swollen boobs really got her down. It seems after a baby people look you up and down and say things like “Oh you look good, seem to be losing the baby weight” and those that spring back after baby get a comment like “Wow” look at you, you can’t even tell you have had a baby!

But is that right? Should we be hoping that in 6 weeks we no longer look like we grew a baby for 9 months?  Should that really be our postnatal goal? Of course, be healthy, feed your body with healthy foods…but also SLOW DOWN! Your body has gone through a major transformation and whether you pushed for hours and got a vaginal split or you went through major surgery it’s time to think about rest and recovery, not just about getting into our pre-pregnancy jeans!

As women how many times do you look in the mirror at your tummy? Your more-rounded, miss-shaped tummy?  What do you say to yourself about this tummy? “Gosh I am fat”, ”I hate my stretch marks”, ”I wish my tummy was flatter” – Something that resident Superharged Club Life Coach Mary Meadows helped Emma and many other ladies with is to respect your body. We aren’t talking waking up every morning and shouting from the rooftops…I LOVE MY BODY!

While that would be great, I don’t think in reality you would do it or if you did would believe it!  So the trick is to stop doing things that make you feel shit and start doing things that make you feel good!

Emma embarked on detox plans, running apps, in addition to boot camp, macro diets to shift the weight…..but you know what? Even though she got down to her favourite size (by none of the above by the way) and with just better nutrition and exercising smarter – it didn’t make her any happier about her body.  Why wasn’t Emma happy? Because the issues are in her mind.

Does standing in the mirror obsessing about your tummy make you happy?

Does inhaling half a packet of hobnobs in your mouth whilst rushing to do the school run make you happy?

Does saying to yourself that you are ugly make you happy?

I suspect you have answered NO to all of these questions…

So why is it so hard to stop doing things that make us feel crap and start doing things that make us feel good?

Resident Life coach Mary has ALL the support you need, tools and techniques to get you more focused on doing stuff to make you happy, and the better you feel inside the less likely you are to binge, look in the mirror and tear your body apart or reach for the bottle of gin.

Are you putting things on hold like a holiday…until you get to a certain size?  Your wedding? A hobby?

What are you waiting for? Go and do it…go and find happiness whatever your size!

Insead of concentrating on a size or a weight on the scales, start living your life now by starting with how you want to FEEL.

Get Your Body Back After Birth and stop the fad diets. Supercharged Club 6 week online program are of all sizes and all shapes.


How do you want to feel? If you answer YES to any of the below then Supercharged Club 6 week online programme is for you.  It’s a total 360 well-being programme, mind and body.  As a result we have helped diabetics, bulimia, anorexia clients as well as emotional eaters and drinkers!

Do you want to feel more energised?

Do you want to be supported with food choices to help you lose the bloat and kick start your metabolism?

Do you want to find out how to edit your life to make more time for YOU and what makes you fill up with joy?

Do you want to make better life choices, food choices, exercise choices?

Do you want to start liking what you have already whilst you work towards your goal?

Do you want to feel happier about your body?

Do you want to move more and have fewer aches and pain?

Do you want to stop the fad diets and yo yo dieting once and for all?

Supercharged Club 6 week online missions are of all sizes, all shapes you just need to be ready to make changes and better choices to finally help you live a happier more fun filled life.

So ladies…want to get your body…and most of all mind power back?

Join the mission! All online with a group of other ladies supporting you.

It’s just £2.86 a day. Self-help books haven’t worked, detoxes haven’t worked, personal trainers can’t help your emotional eating/drinking. Supercharged Club is an exercise specialist in women’s health and a life coach and NLP practitioner in your pocket for 6 weeks…together they will show you how to get the power to succeed!