The Truth About Your Pelvic floor And How To Age Yours Gracefully

When we see signs of ageing, it’s usually to our face in our 30s and we often research the best luxurious face cream to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our bones and our muscles are also ageing at a rapid pace. Yet we don’t tend to think of our bones ageing process until our 50s when the osteoporosis kicks in. How can you help your bone density today?

Emma had an amazing time at #Womenonfire event with Jenny from Burrell Education. Over 200 ladies who are passionate about Women’s health came together to learn from the leaders in the industry. Among the speakers were top Women’s Health Physio, Michelle Lyons, Gut Health Coach and CEO of Integrative Women’s Health and DR.Anu Arasu a specialist in HRT & Bio-identical Hormones.

One of the things that became evident was that although these ladies are highly educated, they often aren’t taken seriously by women that want to get fit. Why? Well, because they don’t show pictures of their six packs whilst lifting heavy weights in very little clothes!  It seems we only take people seriously in the fitness industry if they look like perfection on the outside. We are more bothered about what looking good on the outside than actually being healthy on the inside!

Emma attended the #Womenonfire event with over 200 ladies who are passionate about Women’s health and ageing. Learning from the leaders in the industry.

Emma’s favourite quotes by Jenny Burell is “We seem to know more about our phones programming than we do our bodies…”

This seems so true of many people that Emma now trains. They were once running lots and eating LESS and leaking urine, yet they would rather live like this because they prefer to look lean. After childbirth,the media and marketing are still intent on piling on the pressure to ‘get back into your jeans’.

There is another way…educating yourself about your body before and after birth, nurturing your body and nourishing your body. Emma wants all mums to enjoy exercise and if running or yoga is your favourite pastime, then she will help you get the best out of your chosen exercise.

Pelvic floor health and breath are often ignored yet if you can’t connect with your breath it plays havoc with your pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor can’t be trained in isolation, learning to breathe better and connect with your PF when you lift that baby out of the high chair, push the buggy up hill, get up from the floor after changing a nappy. Learn to sit and stand with better alignment. How many times do you get up from standing in a day?

And here’s the thing…pelvic floor connection, breath, diet…they all play a massive part of how your body deals with Menopause…..yes it’s not long for some of us now!

Did you know your muscle mass starts to decline when you are 35!  So, what you are eating and drinking in your 30s affects your body in your 50s and 60s!

If you suffer from tight hamstrings and back ache and the like then be careful you aren’t going to have a disability in your 60’s! What do I mean by this!? If movement is hard, you can’t tie your laces or cut your toenails. You are unable to get out of the house; therefore, you have a disability!  I want to be able to move, jump, run and function way into my 70s…don’t you?

So, Emma isn’t asking you to never eat chocolate, never drink wine and never go on a run…what Emma is suggesting is that we start to take more care of our body and our minds. Being a size 10 will not make any difference to our bone density or the agony of osteoporosis or the embarrassment of wetting one’s self.  During Menopause our PF weakens, so lets ALL start ageing IN health NOW.

Working your pelvic floor, is not about Kegels, stop thinking about your body as departments and start thinking about it as a whole unit. Everything is connected and if you can’t breathe right then your PF can’t work right which means your core isn’t as strong as you may think.

If you have back ache or shoulder pain maybe think outside the box and start moving differently. Maybe you have an office job and go from this to the gym or a run…maybe you should think about releasing the shoulder muscles and the Psoas and your QL…. What are all these?!

I’ll ask you the question Jenny asked us….do you know how to download an app on your phone? Then why don’t you know the basics about your body?

Here are a few facts that may shock you about ageing….
  • Getting from sitting to standing puts 20lbs worth of pressure onto our bodies!
  • Studies on the Pelvic floor found that Yoga Downward Dogs and crunches can put more pressure on the PF than lifting a weight
  • You could save money on the shiny pelvic floor toys available (not talking rampant rabbit here!) by just breathing better
  • Did you know that your pelvic floor drops as you inhale and lifts as you exhale?
  • We are more likely to die of heart disease than cancer
  • Carrying your phone on you can cause a decrease in bone density

Why isn’t all this info more readily available? I don’t know about you, but I do know that it isn’t sexy information and it seems appearance matters. Bone health just isn’t sexy enough! How we sex it up to the 20 year olds I don’t know, but as mums, our 5 year olds will soon be older and it’s up to us to educate them.

Here’s something to end this rant on…

1 in 5 ladies of 40 experience anal incontinence!  Think your PF is fine so you can ignore this? Think again our PF gets weaker as we age.

So, who wants to join the Supercharge ladies and age IN health? Think about it as lifestyle scaffolding. Learn more about your body so that you can get better at your chosen sport, get better results and feel better. Let’s not work against health, let’s work with it!

Emma attended the #Womenonfire event with over 200 ladies who are passionate about Women’s health and ageing. Learning from the leaders in the industry.

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