Looking for a magic weight loss pill?

First, stop looking for something to FIX YOU! YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!

That magic pill, that potion or that magic wand…there is no such thing! Skinny Tea, Protein Shakes, Raspberry Ketone tablets and the like are not your answer.  Neither is going on a restrictive diet.  A gym membership won’t work if you don’t go and if you aren’t eating right then no amount of exercise will change your body shape.

Supercharged Club online missions are not another diet. We don’t give you a shopping list and tell you what you can or can’t eat. Not only do we help women reduce the bloat and decrease in dress size, but we also get them moving better. We get them feeling better in their mind as well as their body.  Our ladies aren’t fixated by the weight on the scales. They no longer obsess over their stretch marks and they now enjoy nourishing food!

Supercharged Club online missions are not another diet for weight loss. We make you the food detective. You eat more, exercise less and still lose body fat!

That’s right, they can eat cake, have a curry and still socialize!  They don’t have to decline foods and say “ I’m on a diet” and that’s because when you join the Supercharged Club online program, you learn from the beginning that what you choose to eat and drink is a CHOICE… it’s your CHOICE and whatever you choose will determine if it takes you closer or further away from your goal.


The Supercharged Club breaks the rules. Because we are less about counting Macros/calories/fats/carbs and MORE about owning our decisions and choosing the right foods for what you are trying to obtain.


Failing is expected. Failing is good for us because we learn something each time we fail!  Supercharged Club makes YOU the food detective. We are all unique and what works for one person may not work for another.  We all have different lifestyles and goals and whilst some may thrive on losing weight as quickly as possible others are sick of yo yo dieting and are more interested in changing our behaviours and habits the healthy way and living healthier.

The Supercharged Club does not label foods as good or bad foods, clean or dirty. We encourage you to obtain a healthier attitude towards food and to not label sugary cakes as “syns” – these foods aren’t dirty foods they are to be eaten and enjoyed SOMETIMES.


Wouldn’t it be great if when you looked at a menu you weren’t worried about the calories and how long it would take at the gym to work off that brownie?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you no longer thought ‘diet starts again on Monday’ mentality?

How would you feel if you were able to eat more and exercise less and still lose body fat?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you supercharged your whole family’s eating habits?

Supercharged Club can do just that.  We look at your food choices in small baby steps, one meal at a time.


Supercharged Club is run by two awesome women.

Mary, the Life Coach, will get you loving Monday mornings again. Facilitating and supporting you in getting shit done and to smash your goals.  Because her enthusiasm is addictive and whatever your day to day concerns are this lady will get you thinking differently, all about the ACTION!

Emma  will get the floppiest core and saggy bottom lifted. This lady is less about boot camp and more about activating the muscles so that they perform better whether you like playing netball, doing yoga or love weight training.  This mama is strong in both body and mind.

Between the two of these ladies they have suffered Post Natal depression, anxiety, bulimia, emotional eating, distorted body image, confidence issues, marriage break-ups and all while living LIFE!


One of the biggest reasons we store weight around our middle. Stress also comes in many forms, money, work, kids, lacking in sleep, relationships. Therefore we also put stress on our body as a result of not eating a healthy balanced diet, by drinking excessive alcohol and by over exercising.

Wherever you are in LIFE Supercharged Club missions are the starting point to YOU taking action, making changes, making healthy CHOICES!

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