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We Focus On Strength Training In Our Level 2 Course

Our Level 2 Course is suitable for postnatal mums who have successfully completed Level 1, this 6-week course is the advanced course with a focus on strength training. We will continue with the pelvic floor health, breath coordination and functional movement from Level 1 and introduce more advanced exercises and heavier weights.

You are required to complete the Level 1 course before attending this class as we want to make sure you are strong enough to do the exercises without hurting yourself or weakening your core system.

Level 2 is ALL about strength training the body for better results.

I teach you my unique way of exercising so that its both core and pelvic floor friendly as well as getting you results.

This level is really where everything comes together.

You can challenge your core with heavier loads whilst I keep a close on eye on the pressure systems within the core.

The right exercise patterns can really set a woman up to become strong however it’s just as easy to exercise incorrectly and actually weaken the body and set a client backward.

Prolapse happens to around 1 in 3 ladies and it is often due to lack of education.  Pushing through pain, ignoring symptoms of leaking. Trying to do more and go harder.  

Remember more is not better , better is better.

The level gets you ready to train alone in a gym and sculpt those curves the right way!

In Level 2 you get 6 more weeks of amazing information you won’t find anywhere else, a food plan to help you shift those pounds around the middle and the tools to optimize your female metabolism through diet and exercise.

The no-bull tricks to make sure you age in health and get ready for the next stage of your life. With many women having children later in life, they often have both postnatal symptoms and perimenopause symptoms.  Find out how to get through this and with my guide to better nutrition in both the 4th Trimester and 3rd age generation.

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Discover why what worked for you when you were 20 won’t work for you now!  Find out what exactly to do to GET actual results whilst still caring for your pelvic floor and the core system.

The next 6 weeks will EMPOWER you with female-specific wisdom and tools to help you live a more balanced life.

Say goodbye to them all and still care for your whole body. Making sure you are tending to your heart, bones and of course the one thing that holds you up and your bits in…your pelvic floor!


Whilst under my supervision, I would never allow any of my clients to jeopardize their recovery. I understand that we have been lead to believe that training harder is the only way to get fit. My classes are to the point but I will definitely make sure you feel the burn after the Level 2 sessions.

I want ALL my mums to have the confidence to contact any local gym or class and be able to make the adaptations needed so that they get the very best out of their fitness plan. I don’t want my mums compromising their enjoyment or feeling like they can’t do an exercise due to their pelvic floor or Diastasis Recti.  I train you in the modifications needed and teach you how to carry on being fit for purpose. This is one of the main reason for the courses.

4 – 5 moms in a private personal training studio.
131a Stockwell Lodge, Conway St, Hove, BN3 3LW
No babies


To create your account and save your space for the next Course, please visit our booking system at Teamup.