Tips to get you staying fit and healthy during summer holiday

Your guide to staying Supercharged on your summer holiday

Are you bothered if you come back from your trip carrying a pizza belly? Does it matter?

Only you can answer these questions and everyone is entitled to choose what they want. Often times, we blame a weeks holiday on our bloating, yet in reality, it’s more than a week away that caused it! Often it takes a few weeks to “get back to it” after living it up and being carefree on holiday.

I always ask my clients how they want to feel on holiday and how they want to feel on their return. I love indulging on holiday but I also know not to indulge daily as my body responds with heartburn and a bloated tummy which leaves me uncomfortable.

I have learned that whilst the bread, Allioli, pizza and ice cream are yummy… the after effects on my body aren’t always worth it.

Your guide to staying Supercharged on your summer holiday

On my recent trip to Ibiza

I kept the pizza/bread/ice cream to a minimum though I definitely came back more bloated due to the Porn Star Martinis, Gins, and pints of lager!

So, if you want to enjoy your holiday and not suffer from bloating and acid indigestion (and of course piling on the pounds)  then read my top tips laid out in my new Summer Guide.

Did you know?

Most people pack on 10lbs in a week or less! The majority of people still take another week of unhealthy eating after they return from holiday before they start to think about the gym/diet again!

A Magnum is 280 cals and 18g of fat
A Solero Exotic is 115 cals and around 3g of fat
The flake on top of a 99 ice cream is 140 cals  and 6g of fat

A Pina Colada is the equivalent to a Big Mac!!! Don’t waste anymore time! Get the free guide today!