Hove - Brighton - ehabilitating the body after birth and beyond the 4th trimester. Educating mums about their body.

What You Can Expect In Our Level 1 Course

The Supercharged Level 1 Course teaches the fundamentals of pelvic floor health, breath coordination, and safe exercises for diastasis recti. It incorporates functional movement, glute training, strength training and prepares you for Level 2 Post-natal fitness.

Suitable for the postnatal mum from 6 weeks onwards. This 6-week introductory course targets a return to fitness after having a baby.

When you enroll, you also get more than £500 in BONUS emails, food planning and more!

It is also recommended for mums with older children that have taken a break from exercise or want to work more on their core, pelvic floor and alignment.

The Course is held at a private personal training Studio in Hove. We offer Courses that you can bring your baby to.

Course size is capped at 4 mums so Emma can fully focus on your training.

To create your account and save your space for the next Course, please visit our booking system at Teamup. 

Some of our most FAQs

Q. What type of exercise will we be doing? 

You will learn how to modify exercise to make them safe for pelvic floor issues or diastasis recti. There will be daily core exercises you can do at home and top tips from Jenny Burrell of Burrell education on C-section recovery.

You will learn how to avoid prolapse and how to strengthen your Diastasis Recti. At the end you will know how to stop leaking when you cough, sneeze, jump or run. If you leak at anytime, feel heaviness below, have Diastasis recti/hernia/weak glutes/weak core system AND want to tone up your whole body then these classes are for you!

Emma will show you the glute workout that she did daily to obtain my perter bottom.

Plus bonus exercise content by Brianna Battles (Strength and conditioning coach to athletes). 

Q. What if I fall behind? I’ve already got a lot on my plate!

No problem. You can always make up a session at another Course date or on one of my Saturday morning drop in classes.

To give you an idea of the time commitment, you attend our in-person Course training session and dedicate an extra 30-45 minutes a week to go through the material + implement what you learn. Others prefer to block off their weekend to watch the videos. It’s up to you, but totally customizable!

Q. The money is a bit of a stretch for me right now.

Here’s the deal — it would take more time and money to try and figure this out yourself, to invest in tools and personal training that you don’t really need (but thought you did because some free blog post recommended it).

Instead, you could have it all figured out and be making real changes much sooner.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. Emma wants you to feel comfortable in your decision to join us — and we want you to LOVE SUPERCHARGED CLUB.

So, we are giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can join the Supercharged Course and still have a financial safety net if, after going through the material, you don’t think Supercharged Club can help you.

To create your account and save your space for the next Course, please visit our booking system at Teamup.