It’s hard to be happy when….

Some Supercharged truths for you.

It’s not just talking to yourself and having negative thoughts about how you look. It goes deeper than that. It’s so easy to just live but most of us aren’t living awake.

We put others first, the kids, partner, parents and work. We keep ourselves busy often because we fear what being still will be like. When we are still and have time to think, you start to feel emotions.

Keeping yourself busy hides what you really need to focus on. Being busy helps you forget YOUR needs. A lady today said that she loves yoga and feels brilliant after doing it. So I asked her how often she does it. So far this year (nearly in the month of May) she has managed it once as in her words “somethings always more important”.

This is exactly what I’m getting at. She doesn’t believe she is important, she believes she isn’t worthy of this time and money. She believes that she belongs at the bottom of the laundry pile. She is also fearful of what will happen when she stops being so busy. She is anxious about things like her relationship, her health and well being so being busy stops her from thinking. But actually, by keeping busy she is holding onto a plaster that has been over a wound. She fears lifting that plaster will show a deep wound and an injury that will take time to repair.

But what if the wound is almost healed? What if the not knowing what is under that plaster is holding her back? What if not knowing is causing her anxiety? Try living awake instead of just living.


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