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Are you ready for a full body MOT?

Join Emma, the expert in women’s fitness,

for an exclusive 121 session.

When did you last give your body some real thought?

Are you going from gym class to gym class but not seeing results? Do you keep stopping

and starting and can’t find consistency in your workouts or eating plan?

Does life keep getting in the way? Are you confused over what foods to eat and how to

exercise for your body shape?

Do you leak when you cough or sneeze or run? Have you been meaning to start yet

can’t get off the starting line?

Are you desperate for a better working body?

Do you have aches and pains? Do you lack core stability and no amount of planks

seem to be getting you that flatter tummy?

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Included as well are Emma’s top weight loss tips and how to move forward and be consistent with your eating plan.

Why is this different?

Many gyms memberships and group classes are great for fitness but many ladies still

look and feel the same a year after joining!  Many ladies sign up to things and don’t

commit and spend their lives wishing they felt fitter and healthier.

Emma learnt the hard way and spent £1000’s on workout plans and diets that were

a waste of time.  Since becoming a Mum and a specialist in Women’s health and

fitness she now coaches women just like you to help them achieve results.

The body MOT is just like a service for your car, you need to fine-tune your

body in order to get results.

Are you ready to become one of

Emma’s transformation clients?

Payment will be required in full before booking.

Before Emma will take you on as a client she first needs to know a little

bit about YOU, after all the body MOT is the start of YOU

feeling amazing for YOU!

Fill out the info below to receive your questions. If Emma feels she can

help you then she will reply within 24 hours with payment details and

how to book.  Space available sat afternoon and daytimes only.

Please no time wasters, Emma only wants women

that are ready to change! 

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