the best in fitness education for Women in Brighton.

The best in fitness education for Women in Brighton

I have worked super hard this year to bring you the best in fitness education for Women in Brighton.

My courses and classes aren’t just your regular class, they are packed full of useful tips and each exercise gets adapted to help each client, after all, our bodies are different and not identical.

Anyone can shout “10 more burpees” at you, very few can modify a burpee to help your pelvic floor, core connection, back strength and shoulder stabilisation.  That’s why the way I train is so unique I really DO make you stronger and get you exercising smarter.

“Exercise should make you stronger, not weaker”

Learn the exercise first, do you actually know what body part its working?  Why are you doing that exercise? Then it’s about control through the exercise.  Maybe you are working your legs but haven’t noticed the tension in your shoulders or core?  You must control before you load. These days we want to go hard and fast before we have even learnt the basics.  I recognise this from my own previous training. Yet what you are doing is trying to build a house on West Pier! Once you load and can perform the exercise correctly then your results will show.

Learn, control, load explode!

Supercharged Club is always evolving and I continue to progress my own learning and understanding of the female body.

The majority of my client’s babies are older, with the average age being school age!  So rest assured its never too late. This year alone I have been super busy completing these amazing courses.

Brianna Battles – Pregnancy and postpartum athleticism @pregnant.postpartum.athlete – Read more about this course – please provide the Brianna battles guide we have in the emails its called 5 common mistakes

Girls gone strong – Antenatal and postnatal fitness @thegirlsgonestrong

MUTU PRO – Online fitness for women @mutusystem

Burrell Education – 3rd age health for the perimenopause client @burrell_education @michellelyons_muliebrity

Burrell education – Pelvic floor Flow

Burrell Education – Advanced postnatal exercise

POP – Exercise for those with prolapse @popuplift

Currently studying Burrell education – advanced pregnancy exercise

Wow, that’s a lot! That’s why I rate myself as one of the best women’s health fitness and well-being instructors in Brighton!

I have also been approached and trained many local personal trainers to try and help them understand that Women need a slightly different approach to fitness.  That doesn’t mean we can’t lift or exercise hard btw, we just have a different pelvic floor to men – well actually different bodies altogether.

This year I have been shocked by the amount of woman that are fitness instructors that have come to me that leak.  I am shocked but also pleased that word has got around and leaking isn’t normal, it can be fixed, you don’t have to stop exercising whilst fixing it and it shouldn’t be something we hide or giggle about.

I am making pelvic floor rehabilitation trendy.  After all, it’s the core of a woman’s body.

So, what next??? What else can I bring to you?

Supercharged Club Saturday class is also now open to pregnant ladies, postnatal ladies and menopause ladies.

After studying Pregnancy and postnatal athleticism with Brianna Battles I thought – why keep mums separate.  We all have similar bodies and needs.

Expect movement, stretches and resistance training to help get you fit and fabulous and feeling amazing

7 classes £70 – not a course buy the bulk package and book online when you can attend.

Drop in now also available please email me to let me know you will be attending and then bring cash on the day £12

For venue info and to buy the package click here

Booking is now open for level 1 and 2 courses with some classes already SOLD OUT!

I also now have space for a few more 121 clients in 2019.


Want life to flow better?  Start on making small changes to your daily habits.  Go to bed earlier. Read 1 chapter of a book before bed.  Put your phone down an hour before bed. Stretch a little a few times a day.  Drink more water than coffee, pop on hand cream.

All simple changes to start with but all will make you feel amazing!  All FREE too and readily available for you to take ACTION.

Ask yourself….. is your health a priority?  If it is then why aren’t you taking simple daily action?

The other day I was asked by a client who had a shoulder ache if she could release the ache with some massage relief using a massage ball.  I asked her if previous to the ache if she had been rolling her shoulder and doing the stretches and movements I gave her to prevent this type of common injury in desk workers.  Her answer was “NO”. Only when the pain came did she feel she need to do anything.

Let’s not wait for pain, let’s do things that will prevent the pain in the first place.